Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge! Disintegrator!


This week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge is focusing on the Disintegrator. It is an interesting new high mana Chaos Legion card with the Demoralize ability which can be very useful against melee attack opponents.

Theme of the week: Disintegrator


The rules and my setup

Unprotected | Stampede
56 Mana Cap


Summoner: Mylor Crowling to do thorns damage to my opponent's melee attackers
Position 1: Disintegrator to demoralize my opponent's melee attacks and weaken them
Position 2: Oaken Behemoth to do reach melee and magic attack
Position 3: Kron for his 3 magic attack and self-healing
Position 4: Mushroom Seer to reduce the magic attack of my opponent's monsters
Position 5: Wood Nymph to heal my front card
Position 6: Goblin Psychic to provide double healing for my tank

Did my strategy work?

My strategy was to use thorns on my opponent's attackers and at the same time, use the Disintegrator and Mushroom Seer to weaken my opponent's attacks so that I could last longer.

My Disintegrator didn't last long on the battlefield after absorbing hits from my opponent's quick attacks. That said, it did help to weaken them and thus absorb at least two hits.

Once my Kron got to the front of the battlefield, I had a triple-healing strategy going on which coupled with Thorns, meant my opponent couldn't cope and do enough damage to penetrate.

The strategy of weakening my opponent through the use of the Disintegrator and Mushroom Seer were particularly helpful as it meant that my healing was able to overcome whatever attacks my opponent threw at me.

You can catch a replay of the battle at this link

Would I do anything differently?

The overall strategy worked well but I might have used the Disintegrator in a battle where there was a shield instead because without a shield, it can be pretty vulnerable to quick attacks.

My thoughts on the Disintegrator


The Disintegrator is a pretty decent neutral card but it is rather expensive when it comes to mana. At 7 mana, there are more powerful cards that you can use for only 5 health and 2 melee attack. It does get a bit more useful when you get it to level 5. It can be decent in rulesets where you can only use melee attacks.

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