Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge! Chaos Knight!


This week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge is focusing on the Chaos Knight. It is an interesting new Chaos Legion card with the shield ability which can be very useful against melee and range opponents.

Theme of the week: Chaos Knight


The rules and my setup

Weak Magic | Close Range
12 Mana Cap


Summoner: Tyrus Paladium for the extra shield that he gives all monsters
Position 1: Chaos Knight for the shield ability to negate some melee and range attacks
Position 2: Soul Fiend to put a buffer between the front and back lines. It also can do some attacks of its own
Position 3: Divine Healer to heal my tank and also for its one magic damage since it is at level 3

Did my strategy work?

My strategy was to use the Chaos Knight as my tank because I expected my opponent not to use magic attackers given that it was weak magic. In any case, the Chaos Knight would be able to negate half the damage. That is exactly what happened.

My Chaos Knight was slowly wearing down my opponent's Chaos Knight each round and the additional damage from the Divine Healer helped to kill off my opponent's Tank. After my Divine Healer died in Round 3, my opponent's Chaos Knight was also down to 2 health.

My opponent's Stitch Leech was working its way on my rear cards but because of Tyrus' shield bonus, it had to do an extra round just to destroy the shield first. Which meant that my Chaos Knight could survive additional rounds.

In Round 5, My opponent's Chaos Knight died while I still had full health. Two rounds and my opponent's Stitch Leech was killed in round 7. You can catch the battle here

Would I do anything differently?

The battle played out perfectly and I wouldn't change a thing. Perhaps instead of the Divine Healer, I could have gone with a Blinding Reflector to absorb even more damage from the Stitch Leech but I think this battle played out pretty well.

My thoughts on the Chaos Knight


The Chaos Knight start out pretty weak but once you get it to level 5, you're looking at a 6 damage tank killer. Actually, once you get it to level 3 or 4, you're looking at a pretty decent tank given its Shield ability. Good for lost magic or weak magic rulesets.

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