Maybe It Would Be Better To Just Stake Those SPS Tokens

In an earlier post, I mentioned how I am no longer staking my daily SPS airdrop. Instead, I am putting them in the Hive: SPS pool on BeeSwap. I'm pretty happy with it so far but I decided to calculate the difference in returns on both and it is a little wider than I expected.

The numbers here are rough but pretty Indicative. To make things simple, I will equate the dollar value of the SPS and pool amounts to compare the daily reward.

Staked SPS

Roughly 10,000 staked SPS will give you 0.708 vouchers per day. At the current voucher price, that works out to around $1.498 per day.

Hive:SPS Pool

If I were to equate the dollar amount in the pools and calculate the rewards, the returns would be roughly $1.02 per day.


So that's a pretty big 50% difference in the earnings per day. But there's a pretty big caveat here. Voucher prices have almost doubled in Hive terms since the announcement of the Waka Spiritblade card sale. Will it continue to remain as high after the sale?

Also, there's some diversification benefit to the Hive:SPS pool in that you are earning rewards outside of Splinterlands. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. hard to predict which one will be the best option but for now anyway, getting those vouchers is the better reward.

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