Battling It Out In Gold III

It was the Dragon Quest initially for me but I decided to re-roll and got the Fire Quest. I don't have a legendary tank for the Fire Splinter. The Goblin Mech doesn't quite cut it anymore as the expansion packs have rolled out much better tanks.


There was a bit of back and forth between my opponents and me, particularly after the fourth win. Took me a while to get the fifth win after that. Above battle was a loss for me.

I got some decent cards rewards today with two rare cards. I talked about upgrading my Gargoya Devil recently and the Seedsmith is another one that I hope to upgrade soon.


For the last two seasons, I have been focusing more on renting out my cards and not letting them sit idle. After the big drop in prices for the past two seasons, it looks like we have found some form of stability. I'm seeing this as I don't have to keep adjusting my rental prices every other day.

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