To all splinterlands game lovers, brothers and sisters, may you all be healthy and happy. The Splinterlands game's weekly social media challenge is back. I haven't played Splinterlands game in less than 1 year. Battle posts and social media challenges have not been completed for a year. Before, there was no regular entry competition, but now it is regular entry. This is what helps the splinterlands from the other side. It can be defined as advertising. If a product is far from people's minds, it becomes less useful. Also, by doing weekly battle challenge and social media challenge to advertise Splinterlands game, more people will play the game.


You can read a bout the ALBATROSS more in google and I was drop the link , this link bring you to the ALBATROSS directly.

The theme for this week's social media challenge is ALBATROSS. One of the things I like about the Splinterlands game is that they make battle themes once a week. In the weekly challenge and in the social media challenge, the battle themes are arranged differently. Please continue to watch the interesting schedule of this week's theme, ALBATROSS, below.

  • ALBATROSS is a water element card and it is a common card with level one. I has only level one card and it is a playable card. It is a common card without any attack.Not melee, not range, not magic. It has one ability and that is flying ability. Flying ability has an increased chance of evading melee or range attacks from monster who do not have the flying ability. That ability is very cool.

Water element ALBATROSS must be used, so I chose water summoner KELYA FRENDUL. KELYA FRENDUL is a rare card. It will cost 4 mana, and each monster card will gain one speed and one armor. This is a good ability for all cards. Adding 1 Armor will improve the strength of monster cards.


I was mat with life unit , life summoner MOTHER KHALA and she is a good summoner and I often used when using life unit. Enemy team perpare in advance and they will have believed in win. But also my team believe to win. Nobody want to lost in battle.

Totally I was playing 7 round in battle and first 2 round was no losing any card and in the third round I was losing my theme card. Other 2 card was stilled attack till the battle end. Finally I was won the battle and I got a good battle challenge experience.

Thank for taking a time to read my post and drop an up vote to support me. Thank you for your support and much appreciate it.

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Social media challenge.

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