Rising Star Meme #81 - Sleep is For the Weak! + Get Punked!


So, yeah! That's been pretty much my schedule for the past god-knows-how-many days...

My Strategy...?

is to keep hitting the 5th run of all missions that take 1hr or less to complete. Sometimes I keep doing the missions on the last Zone I have got unlocked more than 5 times since the SB-Ego ratio doesn't look too bad, so it's worth the risk.

I don't concern myself much with the rewards I get, sometimes they are good, sometimes not. But as long as I stick with the plan, I am guaranteed to get the average which is not half bad.

Why the -1 Hour Missions?

Well, this one is quite simple and you must've noticed it as well. Missions that take up to 1 hour to complete have got the best rewards-to-ego value out there.

If we dive deeper into the numbers, as long as you keep getting more fans and increasing your MAX rewards, you'd be getting more value out of your SHORTER missions!! Especially the 5-min ones, their take less time to complete and you can do more of them in a short amount of time, so the rewards are more evened out, making for a perfect farming ground...

The Downside

is the fact that each time you do them, you get some Ego built up - essentially you'd be burning through your Skills. It's a double-edged sword, you'd get more rewards AND burn more Skills! Due to their shorter completion time, their Ego also builds up even faster!

That's why I'm always saying that building your stack of instruments is vital to any strategy! You could never be future-proof whenever your Ego is concerned, but you CAN get ahead of it for a while and not spend days stacking Skills to try and catch up with your Ego.

Having even a 1% Ego is considered "lost reward" and not to my taste at all!

S40 Douglas' Release!

Also, earlier today, Rising Star's collab with @themarkymark's Punks on Hive went live - for those who haven't got the news, yet! (honestly, you should be living under a rock to miss that one)


You can read about it more at Marky's post here.

But if you're lazy like me, here's the short version!

Stay safe and Get Punked today!

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