Rising Star Meme #77 - Shoot Your Shot!


Actually, I got pretty good rewards even on my shortest missions in RSG yesterday. What is considered "good rewards" is also subjective! I always try to keep my expectations so low that even getting the worst rewards doesn't bother me.

But that's not the point of today's meme!
What I feel is important in any kind of RNG-based mechanics is to...

Keep Trying

Don't get frustrated over that 5-min mission that could've gotten you 400 STARBITS, but instead got you 24... (and 4 Ego to top it off!!!)

That's one reason I believe in lowering expectations so that one's mood is not ruined over bad rewards. The perfect approach is not to tie one's mood with the rewards at all, but what can I say? Even I do that at times when I'm trying my best not to!

Keep Trying Even More!!

You already know that after the fifth try at every mission on the same day, your rewards start plummeting. The speed at which the value of the mission rewards drops is too ugly! Not only do the rewards decrease (and even faster with each try after the 5th) but also your Ego starts rising! And Ego REALLY starts to pick up its pace after the 5th time.

I'm sure you've seen me blabbing all day and every day on my memes about how important the music lessons are. This case is one that takes the full utility of your excess stack of Skills to push for more rewards.

The idea is that you 'burn' your Skills (your Ego negates the effect of your Skills) to get STARBITS rewards. Many people run their missions 5 times per day or until they feel the "Rewards-to-Ego" ratio looks good, and whether good or bad, they call it a day after that! But the real grind starts when others stop doing so! That's what keeps you up with players with a bigger stack of money to splurge or those who are purely investing in Fans!

I don't say go all-in with instruments, but instead, to see it as a utility for gaining an edge over how much you can milk your fans!!

I think this is enough for today's meme, there are examples with real numbers that I'll provide on later memes! And I don't think anyone will keep up after that huge stack of explanations, but as TL;DR, I can say - much like always - not to forget your Lucks and Skills.

Of course, this is just my strategy and approach toward the game and I might be totally WRONG!!

But yea, for now, invest safely and never stop grinding!

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