Clouds Above the Old Town (Entry for 'Love The Clouds' Contest #112)

Before the pandemic, I worked for a comic & game company as a visual novel writer. The office was located in the old town, as you see the architecture of the buildings looks old and vintage. One day, I was out of the office for lunch and saw that it was very sunny day. The sun was shining bright, warming my skin which was previously cold in the air-conditioned room with a very low temperature. White clouds gathered and spread across the blue sky. It was a very beautiful day.


On another day, we gathered on the roof top of the office for a meal together to celebrate something. It was a sunny day too. White clouds decorate the blue sky over the old town. Buildings and houses looks small from a distance. It was a fun day; putting aside work and deadlines for a moment and enjoy the view from the roof top with coworkers. I miss those days.


Since the pandemic, I've been working at home as a freelance article writer. I'm grateful, even though I'm struggling but I still have work, while many others have not been lucky and their conditions are more difficult. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and life will get better.

After all, the storm must pass and the sun will shine again.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. See you again!

My entry for 'Love The Clouds' Contest #112 #LoveTheClouds by @tobetada
All images original photo by @sigota
Camera: Xiaomi mi5s

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