Love The Clouds: 🐾 Halloween Cat 🦹

Greeting Cloud Lovers and those waiting to see who or what arrives at your doorstep on Halloween. 👻

It’s fun picking out images in the cloud formation. Let your imagination soar!

It’s the day before Halloween 🎃 and we, who love events or forces beyond scientific understanding, may see the opening in the clouds as a cat with a witch’s hat on.

Perhaps a cat is the form the witch takes at times. She has been known to have the ability to shapeshift.

The clouds are heavy looking and covering most of the sky. I hope the cat can find her way to the witch’s broomstick through the heavy dark clouds. 🙀🌫

As the day progressed the clouds lightened up and let more of the blue sky through.

My own cat, Red, is not worried about Halloween. He will just keep on relaxing by the fire as the spooks come and go Halloween night.

Made in VLLO using my photo of the moon

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