Love The Clouds: Chemtrail Or Water Vapor

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I happened to look upward and saw this white streak across the sky.

What is coming out of the exhaust of airplanes? Is it just water or something more sinister?

There has been a conspiracy going on since the 1990s that some evil force has put toxics and dangerous chemicals in jet vapor trails for some reason, not entirely clear. Maybe thought to reduce the world population or medicate us.

Another explanation of what is in the trails-

These jet trails are formed when water vapour and fine soot particulates from burning jet fuel freeze into ice crystals. In low air humidity, the crystals just dissipate. In higher humidity, they persist, and end up creating visible vapour trails over large areas of sky.
Those humidity differences explain why some aircraft are seen producing vapour trails while others do not.

Then I found a more realistic explanation. We know vehicle fumes are not good for us so why would jet exhaust be any better.

There are upwards of 8700 planes in the sky every day. That’s a lot of exhaust emissions falling to earth and perhaps, along with causing health issues, are affecting our climate.

Looking deeper I found this- it looks like the jet exhaust contains more than water and soot!

Exhaust from military vehicles and aircraft may also include known or suspected cancer-causing substances such as benzene, arsenic, and formaldehyde. The exhaust may also contain harmful pollutants that are frequent components of urban smog, such as nitrogen oxides.

There is a glimmer of hope in cleaning up these chemtrails and making the environment cleaner.

The Department for Transport says it is "currently considering" a range of responses to its Jet Zero consultation on how to "make the sector cleaner and greener", and that this strategy "will aim to address" aviation's non-CO2 impact.

Another day when the sky is full of fluffy puffy clouds with no sign of chemtrails or contrails.

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