Dark Clouds And Visiting Squirrel

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A typical morning at the start of December when the heavy puffy dark clouds are moving across the sky leaving blue openings.

I noticed how dark the sky was while at the kitchen table drinking my morning coffee.

With food already set out for the Blue Jays, I thought the squirrel would be along soon.

Here he is…. A dark cloudy sky doesn’t stop the little red squirrel, with half the tail missing, from visiting to get his peanuts on the back deck.

Over the years , a few squirrels have visited with part of their tail missing. This happens when they fight for territory. They chase one another and pull at the tail of the one fleeing.

They need their tail to balance especially when climbing trees. This little one must have been the winner of the tail pulling as the only one I’ve seen for awhile.

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Photo & Text @redheadpei

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