A new Perspective... #cloudphotography for LTC community

I recently discovered about the Love The Clouds community or simply LTC! I like the theme of this community because clouds are everywhere around the world. Every one of us lives under the same clouds. We can simply use our cameras or smartphones to take a photo of the clouds and share them with the LTC community. That's exactly what I did today... look up and took these photos:

Usually, I tend to look down or crouch in search of insects and flowers on the ground. The focus of my photos is #macrophotography. I like looking for subjects that are tiny and zooming into the image to show the incredible details of the subject that I'm taking photos of.

Today's photo session was different for me. I had to zoom out to see the vast scale of the clouds. Clearly, I'm not yet good at and my photos require fine-tuning. Also, my timing wasn't right because the harsh lighting of the mid-day sun washed the details on these clouds. I should have gone out earlier in the morning to have more subtle lighting and many more prominent details on the clouds.

Change your perspective and find new hidden treasures

In these changing times of the suburban, high-end city that is nature all about change, the lives of people depend capably on how much attention and care they invest into day-to-day things.

Hidden treasures exist for every outdoor exploring individual to find no matter what or where you explore; it only depends on what you are looking for. Take this opportunity to explore often and cherish nature that is constantly changing with time while spending special moments together with your loved ones by enjoying the stunning views!

Humans tend to race to the future while forgetting how beautiful they are today. In order to define one's own personal philosophies, it becomes very important to stop and appreciate what is right in front of you.

Why is this so?

Nature offers us so many opportunities to gain gratitude every day and that should be a given to everyone. It does not have to be an inspiring event; anything good enough for you may break your day open and make it powerful.

Looking to the next future or past can take time away from appreciation when wonders are now laid out before we become forgotten. Unfortunately, a popular belief shared among humans persists from the science of repetition by studying nature continuously that we may not live long enough for any generation today - so no one cares about today's wonder that exists: nature itself!

Have a great day!

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