Mountains submerged by clouds.

So lovely to see the clouds resting on the mountains.

Come and sit here to watch a play about Mother nature and her amazing ways.
The main actors in the play are the clouds and the mountains.


Our part of the country is a winter rainfall area and our winter ended officially on the 31st of August.
But now we have passed through a wet Spring season and a wet December. So yes very strange weather that we are having here, but I know that it is the same worldwide.

Can you see the big white cloud that looks like a worm crawling along the top of the mountain?

Well that worm cloud ate too much and here he has dropped off the top of the mountain.

Finally just another storm cloud on it's way to shed it's load inland beyond the mountains.

And have we seen miracles here?
Oh yes, farmers crying, dancing and praying about the 5 year drought in their area that was ended in only one week. Their dry dams are full and the rivers are once again running at full flow.
Yet there are still other parts of the country that have even longer droughts and they are still as dry as a cork.
We pray that they will also soon have some soaking rains.

Hope that you have enjoyed the post and may this New Year be filled with blessings for everyone.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

Thank you kindly for supporting a post on behalf of @papilloncharity

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