'Love The Clouds' Contest! #119

Clouds Photography


My name is Nusrat Jahan My home is Bangladesh. I am a college student. I have just started studying in college.

Everyone has a love for clouds. We humans rejoice when we see clouds of different colors in the sky. Usually this does not happen to us when the sky is one of a kind. We love to see different forms in the sky.


The sky is over our heads so our eyes are not always on top. When we realize that the clouds in the sky are now frozen, our eyes go to the automatic clouds.


Due to the extreme heat, we pray to God to give clouds in the sky and rain from the clouds. We breathe when our words are accepted. And we like the cold natural environment that is created.



Here I have participated in the Cloud Picture Contest. Mistakes You must see in the eyes of forgiveness. Thank you

Thanks to all of you for reading my post!

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