A good day to embrace the cloud and all therein.

When @kemmyb told me to checkout "Love The Clouds" Community, I did the needful and went to see what this Community is all about. Truth be told, their name says a lot about them, but it's already a habit to run background check before posting anywhere.

And my check showed this;

Description: We are a community dedicated to all things cloud-related! Elephant clouds, seahorse clouds, fluffy clouds, big ominous-looking clouds, ... you name it! ~ source


In all honesty, I never knew that people read so much meaning into clouds. I may as well post what I have and see what the experts would call it.

Start from this (First shot)
This was taken two weeks ago.

It's my first attempt at taking photos of the cloud. A crappy first attempt. Lol. I narrowed down all the shots I took that day to 8 which are in my phone's gallery. And this is the best of those 8. Now, you can see how crappy the work is.

A week later (second attempt)
I took these pictures last week.
One thing I can remember about the day I took the above pictures is that it didn't rain throughout the day. Perhaps, it has something to do with the clouds. Or not?

A more professional click (Today's click)
Ahaaa... This is what it ought to be. A decent click of the cloud!

Kene, well Done on this one 😂

Thanks For Not Missing Any Full-stop Or Comma

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