Expect Rain Or Not?

Hello Bees! It's a lovely and sunny weekend in my part of the world.

I strolled outside my house, loved how blue and serene the sky looked and decided to take some pictures with my phone.


We are presently in the rainy season, though it was like two days ago that it drizzled. This means the weather is hot and hopefully we will get some rain to cool the atmosphere.

Until recently, I did not know that there are different clouds and they each have a name! LOL. I love how fluffy the clouds look and they are spaced out giving us a peek of the blue sky.


Then in a matter of minutes after fiddling with my phone, I look up and see the clouds are already coming together. I guess we may get some rain today or tomorrow, I'm not sure.


I hope you like my pictures. This is my entry to the #lovetheclouds contest #110 hosted by @tobetada. You may participate by clicking the hashtag.

All images are mine, captured with my Huawei Y9 phone