Update About Our Move To Hive - Curation - Delegations - Payouts

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Update About Our Move To Hive

We have moved to Hive this week, and our announcement about this can be read here, Announcement: @thisisawesome Is Moving To Hive.

Now that we have worked out the details on how to move forward is also a great time to post an update, so that our supporters and delegators will know what to expect.


Our curation right now is a mix of posts on Hive and posts on CTPtalk, and will continue like that until this tribe is fully moved over to Hive and Hive-engine.

That being said the CTPtalk tribe is now also including posts from Hive posted with the #ctp tag, and this means many of the posts that we curate, since that was implemented yesterday, are actually posts from Hive.

We expect that the majority of all post on CTPtalk will be posted on Hive within the next few days, the time it takes to get most people to figure out how to post from Hive like this, or by using Hive Keychain to login on CTPtalk.

So the way we curate and how we use our votes will remain the same, and you can find the details in our daily reports.


As was stated in our announcement rewards on delegation is paid out in accordance to weekly average delegation in Hive Power.

Delegations of anything besides HP does not count for any rewards.

We also got the first payout from the Steem Power power down that we started last Saturday, and we also just got back the SP delegation we had with @dustbunny, while maintaining that delegation in HP, and therefore we just made a stop and go to our SP power down, and the payouts from that is currently estimated to just above 16 Steem per week.

A power down in Hive Power has also just been started, and this will continue our previous strategy where we continuously power down our stake and use 70% of that power down to lease HP from hive.dlease.io.

We got back Hive this week for canceled delegations and used that to make a new lease of 220 Hive Power.


Screenshots from PeakD

This stategy of continuously leasing Stake worked great on Steem and from what we can tell of using this to lease HP from Dlease, it will continue to be a great strategy going forward.


Then we come to the payouts, and we will do the payouts on Sundays in the Awesome Weekly Spotlight just as before.

We will do the payouts in Hive, Steem and CTP tokens, and we will use the Hive Wallet Market to trade HBD for Hive, and we will do blockchain conversions to convert SBD to Steem, we don't feel that we can trust Steemitwallet anymore.

Delegators will be paid as stated above in accordance to weekly average Hive Power delegations.

The payouts in Hive will consist of 100% of Hive earnings, 100% of HBD earnings traded for Hive, and 30% of our HP Power Down income in Hive.

Payouts in Steem will consist of all Steem in our account, including 100% of Steem earnings, 100% of SBD converted to Steem, and 100% of our SP Power Down income.

Plus payouts of CTP tokens will be just as before, with 50% payouts of our earnings to delegators, and the other 50% will be staked to grow our stake in CTP tokens.

That's it about the payouts, if you have any questions, just drop a comment below, or contact us in our Discord, link in footer.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post and for supporting this project, the goals are to "highlight Awesome Content on the Hive blockchain, and to grow the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Stay Awesome!

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