Holozing: 500 zing tokens staked, HP delegation APR reduction, and beneficiary update for zing.fund!

Welcome back,
In today's blog, I will talk about holozing after a long time. I was not very active on the blockchain with writing due to some medical reasons associated with my grandmother but as she is recovering well, I am good and feels like my senses are finally at the right place.

So, In last nineteen days I got around 550+ zing tokens collected in rewards from the hivepower delegation I gave to the curation account of holozing and also from the staking of 1.51k zing tokens itself. You can have a look at them in the screenshot shared below.

In the screenshot you can also see that the hive power delegation APR has reduced with some great percentage this time. The last time I claimed my rewards was when posh token rewards were discontinued and at that time the APR was more than 25% if I am correct.

At the time of writing this blog, It has came down to 18.85% for hive power delegation and on the other hand zing staking is at 29.28%. I don't remember what was the APR for zing staking the last time but that is what I can see today when I opened the game.

my claim history

Now talking about the reduced APR for hive power delegation as that saw a major drop down, we see it at 18.85% and here is what I think of this APR percentage. I think it is exciting and wonderful to have this number as well and the reason is quite simple, It is still better than hive power curation rewards.

If I am not wrong the APR for hive power is 9% approximately and that means we still have 2X rewards with this delegation method for us. I am not removing the delegation even if it is close to 12% in next one month or so because I am very lazy at curating everyday and that is why my voting power is wasted most of the time.

To me this is actually no less than a blessing. Share your opinions in comments about the reduced hive power delegation, are you still continuing?

Lastly before I end writing here, I got aware about the beneficiary thing for helping the holozing community and the game itself. I don't mind setting 10% beneficiary to zing.fund but I hope they will timely update about how this is being used for the transparency of the people who are part of the community.

Thank you

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