Holozing Creature Background Contest!

Hello Holozing and Hive community! I'm excited to share my contest entry for the starter creatures background art contest. I decided to create a background scene for the adorable Grass Raccoon.

When thinking about an environment fitting for a Grass type Raccoon, I immediately pictured a lively, lush forest filled with tall trees, bushes, vines and bright green plants. I wanted to capture the Raccoon's playful personality by showing it frolicking through the woods without a care in the world.

I started by sketching out the basic layout and landscape. Once I had the composition, I began painting the background first before adding in the Raccoon. I painted vibrant green leaves, mossy tree trunks, dangling vines and bright flowers to really capture the vibrant colors of a fantasy forest.

After finishing the background, I added the transparency of the Grass Raccoon. I positioned it peering around a tree trunk with a curious yet mischievous look on its face. I absolutely loved blending this adorable creature into the woodland scene!

Below are the two final pieces, along with the full process and the final art piece.

Let me know what you think! I had a blast creating a playful little world for this Starter.

All Images: sourced @holozing

Grammarly and Google Docs are used to help perfect my writing.

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Most Welcome To Join The Holozing Creature Background Contest!

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