Forest healer with Warkoooo😘😘


Hopefully you all doing very well.I came here back with a new post. In the last post I think you all dont like my post but I really did hard work. I tried my best this time. I thanks to @holozing who gave me a chance to improve my skills.


App used

Adobe Illustrator
Pen tool from tool bar
Color panel sheet

Last I was too disappointed that after a lot of efforts I didn'nt get upvotes. First I decided to do not work but my mother guided me and encourage me than I decided to do my best .

First of all I draw the hairs of forest healer by the help of pen tool.

Then I draw his face skech......🥰 It was looking nice...

Then I draw his hat which was looking like Warkoo

Than I draw his ficial material....🙄🙄😘

Now I started to draw his hoodieeee🤗🤗.

Then I draw Warkoo behind the forest healer☺️.




First off all I colour his hairs.....

Then I started to draw his hat....

In this way I coloured the whole skech😊😊 it was looking seriously beautifull.

It was difficult to fill the color in his face because It was not easy to arrange that... I draw again her features and coloured them...



I drop some shadow by following the pattern given below.


It is looking very nice. I added a back ground in the pic... Which was black and white

I hope you all guys will like it. I will come back soon here with a new post Inshallah

Thank you sooooo much for visiting my post

Allah Hafiz ********😘😘

See you soon

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