Games are quite interesting because they keep you company and most times make you think unlimitedly. Wait! You don't agree? Then whatever it is you're playing is not a game that is good for you trust me. Growing up as a child, if there was one thing I enjoyed using my parents phone for, it was definitely for playing games because they were quite challenging for me and also daring as well that I find it hard to stop until I've crossed a particular level (I'm very sure most gamers can relate with that, hehe).

Not everyone enjoys playing games and at some point that also applied to me but recently my interest in games I've been awaken thanks to a new project on hive Holozing. At first, I've always wanted to be a part of at least one hive games and that made me very interested in the splinterlands game but then I have little knowledge about the game so I lost interest again.

When I heard of the Holozing game founded by @acidyo, I read the whitepaper and I saw some things similar to splinterlands (cards related) and that made me went back to splinterlands to try getting my spellbook and learn more on how the game works because I know if I have a good knowledge of how it works, it will help me a lot to navigate through the Holozing game as well since the game is yet to be launched, now it's definitely the good time to learn!



I heard about Holozing thanks to @ifarmgirl and I asked her a few questions and she was able to guide me on how to start getting some zing tokens in preparation for the launching of the game. There are basically four ways to start earning zing token, but the chart above shows just 3 because that's how I'm earning right now. You can earn the zing token by buying some at tribadex, by delegating some hive power to @zingtoken, by holding some posh in your hive-engine wallet and finally, you can earn from staked zing tokens.

Reading through the Holozing whitepaper to know about the game, was one of the inspiration that made me opt in. I've always known that Acidyo was a game lover from some if his post I've read and seeing that he has created his own game gives me a motivation to not stop dreaming big. And one of the things I find interesting about the Holozing game from the whitepaper is that it is a game that no one can be a master of completely because it requires one to make decisions on the spot (not even Acidyo can be the master of his own game! I think so, hehe).

Currently, the Holozing game is really promising and for the fact that it doesn't takes so much to start, what is possibly stopping you from giving it a try? I think if there should be anything, it should be the fact that you haven't heard of it before but now you are hearing of it so why not take action now and help Acidyo build his dream and also benefit even as you do that.

As a hive user, you already have an Holozing account, all you have to do is click on get started and input your hive username (make sure to login through keychain). But if you are not on hive or you have a friend who you'd love to introduce to this game, all you have to do is click on "Join" and it will lead you to where you can get your hive account.


The game is a card game and it's a game that is built on the hive blockchain. The game is one that promises to be transparent as much as possible and also one that you can earn good rewards from when you engage constantly in it. But if you are not a gamer, it's fine to just support the game by staking some zing tokens and also delegating to @zingtoken and by so doing you can also earn some rewards (more Zing) or better, you can do both.

So that is all for now friends, feel free to leave your comments, questions and contributions below and don't hesitate to give it a try. Here's a link to get started and don't forget to login through keychain.

Until next time, stay AWESOME and JIGGY!!!

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