Holozing Healer Traits Contest- Female Forest Healer

Hiii everyone~~~ ^^
Here’s my drawing for the Holozing Contest. It’s my first entry in the contest and I decided to participate with “Forest Healer”
Before starting the sketch I had this idea of drawing her like a princess so I developed some new ideas…
-Some new accessories: I drew her earrings and crown-like flowers and leaves since she is a forest healer I used the forest elements to design her accessories.

  • Dress: Drew a princess-like dress and used gray, green, and white to color it.
  • Gloves: I thought drawing gloves for her would make her more feminine, so I gave her a pair.
  • Umbrella: it was one of my favorite traits of all, and it just came to me all sudden! I had this image of the ladies walking around with an umbrella to avoid the sunlight and I thought our forest healer should also have one since she’s always in the forest she needs to be safe from sunlight and rain. Btw, It’s a cool item to have around even if you don’t need it :D

Let’s go through the progress~
The first is sketch is always messy so I always try to refine it a bit and then I go for the coloring…

I always start the coloring progress with the skin because I need to select clothes and hair colors based on her skin tone.

Then colored her hair and dress.

After I applied the base color I went on giving the items some depth by shading and adding more details to her eyes and lips and drew some hair strings with a light brush.

After painting the background I added some shine to it. I didn’t want to leave it simple because I wanted to show some healer aura.

Hope you liked it~~ ^^

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