My Holozing Contest Suggestions With The Help Of Writing Pen Sketching

This is the second time I'm contesting in @holozing community. This one is for me to make my suggestion about the healers. My love for healers can't stop because of the power they possess to heal other creatures. Holozing revealed this healers and told us the power they possess is much and the one yet to be revealed is what know one is aware of. This is to show how nice and brave the characters will be when the game is launched.

With Holozing instructing us to make suggestions that will help the team carry out other duties about the healers. I believe that the contest will help the Holozing team to know more of artist and what they're made up which I believe they told us they'll be in touch with good artist with good ideas and suggestions.

For the contest, I use a writing pen to make a sketch of the female forest healer. I added a cap, I added a glass, changed the hair, changed the necklace, and the dress.

My suggestion for the cap; The cap will help to protect her hair from being exposed to rain and sun so she'll not keep washing. From my suggestion, the cap has a device by the side, the device will be used to track enemies Incase the cap got lost or anyone tampered with it. The device from the cap was computer using the body of the female forest healer as the code and this help her to control it anywhere. She can also use the device to record the discussion and location of the enemies from a hidden place.

My suggestion for the hair; I changed the forest female healer hair to become very long. The hair also has a device which helps in the battle field to heal creatures very fast. With the hair, the female forest healer can enter the enemies to heal any character as her long hair can serve as a weapon. The device from the hair is what helps to control the hair when using as a weapon. The device also helps the hair to grow back in case the enemies capture her and shapes her hair. The hair also helps the forest female healer to look more attractive which can help to deceive the enemies.

My suggestion for her glasses; I added a glass to the female forest healer because I know that the glass is computerized and can't brake. With the computerized glass for the forest female healer, she can see very clearly especially in the night. The glass can see far and near as it can even scan what's in a building and it's environment. The glass can also review to her what a character is having I'm mind so to help her take a decision. The glass also helps to know when a creature need to be healed without the creature asking for healing.

My suggestion for necklace; The necklace I changed may look simple but very important in the battle field. The necklace is an electronic one and can be used to record activities of the day without an enemy knowing. The necklace also has a super natural power behind it which helps to give her another life in case if she's been killed y
by her enemies.

My suggestions for her clothes; She wears to dresses, the inner and the outer one. The inner one is made with a bullet and other weapon proof. The inner dress will not allow bullet and other weapons to enter the body of the female forest healer. The outer dress is like a suit which has a tracking device. She can remove the outer dress for her enemies and later recover it with a tracking device.

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