|| Create a reusable flower vase with plastic bottles and foam. ||

Hello friends,

Today I will share with you a usable thing made full of plastic bottles and foam.




• plastic bottle
• foam
• plastic pipe
• Tape
• Scissors
• A small glass
• Color


How to make

First you have to drop the story into the bottle with a marker pen. Then you have to cut the bottle with scissors on the spot.


After cutting the bottle, it should be cut from the middle of the bottle. Then you have to open the bottle and cut it. In this way you have to cut into three bottles. Then cut the two bottle pieces into 4 parts.


Cut the foam into small pieces.


Then I took the glass to make the top. Then I painted the glass to see a little beauty. I painted the glass yellow first and then cut it with green paint. The glass looks like a tub


Even then you have to take a small piece of pipe. Tuktuke of the pipe should be held straight by hand. The pieces cut from the bottle in the report pipe should be turned around and then attached with white tape. In this way, the pieces cut from the bottom of the pipe should be wrapped in a circle and attached with tape.


Then I put the bottom of the pipe inside the glass. Then I filled the empty space inside the brush with foam. This caused the pipe to stick nicely inside the glass.


Then the thin leaf of the bottle should be cut at the corner of his head. Then one by one pieces of foam should be put on the cut corners. In this way, foam should be applied on all the leaves.


Then bottle and foam flower bushes will be made. I designed it with a few leaves in a tub. The leaves also looked beautiful.



Thanks everyone

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