My job today. Putting sequins on clothes

Hi how are all my friends. I hope we are always in good health. And keep working and success always...

On this happy day, I am still given the opportunity to return to this beloved community to bring a post About the result of my work today

My job today is to put sequins on the clothes that have been sewn, the goal is to make it look more beautiful on the clothes that will be worn later. This is my own dress that I sewed a few days ago. Previously, I wore this shirt to go to a wedding, and I saw there that many of my friends had nice clothes decorated with shiny colors that reflected the sun's rays on the sequins.

So I'm very interested to see it. And I also thought that I would add sequins to this dress like my friends, so that it would look even more fashionable. So here, for the first time, I was confused, I didn't know what style to install the sequins with? Finally, a little idea or my style arose, the installation was only at the end of the arm or the lower end. And in the middle Middle of the circle That shirt.

Then I'm here preparing the materials I need to use as shown in the image below. that looks like there is a thread that has been inserted into the needle. because this will be done using our own hands not with machines. the style of installation depends on each method. Also there are sequins with various shapes. But there are only three shapes here, there are sequins in thin shapes, small round and big round. Actually there are many forms that I provide, but my friend borrowed it for a while for fitting on the clothes he was sewing. What remains is the rest.
So from the rest I chose sequins that were big and small round to put on the clothes. And it is more suitable to be installed on the edge. Why didn't I choose thin sequins like the flower Because the sequins are thin people usually put them on clothes made like flowers and it fits better. So I left the sheer ones and opted for round sequins. As seen in the picture.

This is the process when the installation is almost complete.

And this is the finished image, and it's ready to use.

Greetings from @idahhive for All friends That I love

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