New contest: Wooden world. Winners of the previous contest.

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Greetings little crafters full of great ideas...

We innovating always thinking about using different types of materials with which we can give you ideas to create beautiful, useful things and at the same time teach us how it is done.

From today begins our new contest: Wooden world, which will be moderated by our dear @lauracraft.

But first...

We want to thank all the participants, it has been a massive participation, we are happy to see so much creativity.

We present the winners of our previous contest: World of glass, which was in charge of @equipodelta.

It was a bit difficult to select only three winners.

The winners are:

First Place: Prize: 10 Hive for @aurodivys She teaches us how to decorate three fabulous bottles with three different types of techniques.


World of glass| Three fabulous ideas with glass bottles

Second place: Prize: 5 hive for @razielmorales


Bottle decorated with dried banana leaves.

Third place: Prize: 3 Hive for @somethingnice


Brunette Candy

Congratulations to the winners

There was a lot of participation, we are grateful, most of them were excellent presentations, it was a difficult choice, thanks to all the participants.

It's time for another great contest!

Wooden world


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Wooden world is our next initiative, teach us how to create useful and beautiful things with this material.

You can also teach us tricks. Show us how to assemble something made of wood or show us how to restore things made of wood, such as furniture, picture frames, among others.

We recommend you to take care in your presentation, in your layout, in tutorial mode and with a lot of love.


The moderation of this contest will be in charge of our dear @lauracraft

🌳 You can use any type of wood except popsicle sticks.
🌳 We repeat: Do not use popsicle sticks.
🌳 Use recycled wood, not such trees.
🌳 You can teach us how to restore wooden furniture.
🌳 You can teach us how to assemble wooden furniture.
🌳 You can teach us wood furniture maintenance tricks.
🌳 Invite a friend to participate, vote and reblog this post.
🌳 Post the link to your participation in this post.
🌳 Detail in your post the materials you used, show your step by step.
🌳 If you use fonts you must indicate it correctly.
🌳 No plagiarism, no spam, no repost.
🌳 The title of your post must include: Wooden world and you must say that you are participating in the contest.
🌳 Subscribe and post from our HiveDiy community.
🌳 Post in English or bilingual (Esp/Eng).
🌳 Your publication should be a tutorial to teach us how to do it ourselves.

Think big

Curation criteria are: presentation of your craft, trick or idea. Presentation of your step by step tutorial, photos must be of good quality, understandable, usefulness of what you show and have fun.

Awards to be distributed:

1st place: 10 hive
2nd place: 5 hive.
3rd place: 3 hive.


Our Discord:

Subscribe to the great community of do-it-yourselfers: created/hive-130560

Contest valid until August 02, 2021


Thank you OCD for accepting our community in the incubation program.



Program: MediBang Paint Pro.

Graphics tablet: Huion (Usb Pen Tablet). Model 420.


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Cover - Canva

GIF - Filmora Wondershare


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