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Greetings creative community.

Today we present our selection of outstanding authors who have been valued thanks to the OCD incubation project.

These publications have a level of difficulty, both in the technique and the materials they used and also applied recycling, among other materials and heavy duty tools.

They teach us how to recreate their projects with a splendid step by step, in such a way that we can do it ourselves.

What do you think about making a scale buggi buggi toy car using a lighter? Well @fixie shows you how to do it.

Need some flower pots? @marifranci73 shows you that with PVC pipes you can create wonderful ones and at the same time decorate them and adapt them to your spaces and preferences.

Need a table? @efrenjose in his post can show you what you can do with a few recycled woods and it will be very neat.

Don't know how to apply the Patchwork technique? The sweet @mafalda2018 shows you what you can do with fabric scraps and a lot of ingenuity.

Finally, we will learn with @gaboamc2393 to create super realistic sculptures of characters with plasticine, it is also a practice that relaxes a lot.

Then we invite you to see the work of the following authors.

Wait a minute... We know you're anxious and excited to see the work of our featured authors but first.... want to remind you of our weekly contest:

πŸ’Ž Rhinestones and costume jewelry πŸ’Ž

Aha! visit the post, learn about the rules

πŸ’Ž Try to show quality content and as a tutorial.

πŸ’Ž We value your creativity and presentation of your projects.

The following posts have been curated thanks to the OCD incubation program:


βœ”οΈ ... A miniature Buggy style race car using kitchen lighters as the main material, the process was very fun and easy... @fixie



βœ”οΈ ... Ideal for planting small decorative plants, in this case I used some Cactus that I had in plastic cups, and as the main material to use is a Y made of PVC tube, I hope you like this activity today!... @marifranci73

Decorative flowerpot in the shape of a Watering Can🌡🌼


βœ”οΈ ... Today I want to share with you the making of a comfortable table very easy to make using recycled wood, I hope you like it and encourage you to make it... @efrenjose

CΓ³moda mesa de maderas recicladas. ♻️


βœ”οΈ ... I bring you a step by step to make fabric flowers in Patchwork. I love them. It is very useful and can be used to decorate cushions, quilts, table runners, tablecloths, among others... @mafalda2018

Primavera en el jardΓ­n de la abuela |Patchwork


βœ”οΈ ... For the Iron Kitty figure I was obviously inspired by Iron Man; on the other hand, for the Wes figure I was inspired by Hawkeye, so I called the figure Hawk-Wes...

Hawk-Wes Sculpture


These publications are very useful.

Our family is growing day by day, we are proud to bring useful, beautiful and wonderful things in the way you can do it yourself.

Each author in his own style shows you how to recreate his idea, with a lot of love and passion, together with them we learn a lot every week.

What are you waiting for? Surely you also have a lot to contribute, join us, be part of our big family.

We appreciate the support of @OCD and its incubation project, in valuing the content of these authors.


Program: MediBang Paint Pro.

Graphics tablet: Huion (Usb Pen Tablet). Model 420.



Filmora Wondershare


Do you have a craft to teach?

This is your community.

Do you know any trick to show us to make our life easier?

This is your community.

Do you want to teach everyone to do things by themselves?

This is your community.

Do you have knowledge about sewing, embroidery, modeling, cold pasta, ceramics, painting on fabric, among others?

Share your tutorials here.

Crafts for children and adults, men and women, is the community of all and for all.


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