The Frog Prince - easy DIY how to


Hello, friends especially DIYers!

Today i just finished this cute frog prince. How i made it was quite easy and it made from the origami, so why don't just read this article to know how i made it.

Materials & Things needed:

  • 15cm x 15cm origami paper (highlight green, highlight pink, yellow)
  • glue
  • double sided tape
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • thick unused brochure paper

How I made it:

First, i started by pasting two green origami so i got the double sided green origami. Then i cut it 1.2 cm width. After that i still got them not perfectly joined so i add the double sided tape.


Then, i pasted them together by using the glue like below. This would be the body part.


After that from 2 rectangles i made the spring, then i added the double sided tape at the end of each side. This would be the neck part.


I drew both hands and feet with the marker on the brochure. Then cut it off then copy them on green origami.


I then cut off the head part, and also the crown. Then i made the eyes on the white paper, cut them. I also made the two circle with pink for its' cheeks. Then i pasted the two parts of each hand and feet that i made.


Last i joined all parts together and voila this cute frog prince is finished..


Hope you enjoy my article, thanks for reading my article and see you on my next article friends!

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