How I made a tool for working in the garden

Do not do this at home as it can be dangerous.
First I would like to give a warning about the danger while I was making this tool.
While I was photographing the process of making the tool, a few accidents happened, but everything went well, even with minor injuries. this is how the finished product looks like, this handle with a smooth bar that looks like a big long screwdriver.
The second one with a long wooden handle and a strange pointed plate I made the other day, only I didn't take a photo of the making because it was demanding.

This is how it started, first I went to buy Light Drawn Structural Steel Round S235JR+C

I cut my length

Then he sanded the cut parts himself so that there are no sharp edges so he doesn't cut himself

and I cut the tip of the spikes in the shape of a screwdriver on two bevels

I took a piece of dry Carpinus betulus wood for 3 years .
And cut to the length I need to make the handle

While I was taking the spike to put it in the carriage on the lathe, my cell phone fell out of my hand

Here I finally installed it, clamped it and started the lathe.
Everything was fine until I started making photos for you on HIVE to see me doing the handle.
At that moment, while spinning rapidly in one hand, a mobile phone in the other, a turning knife.
Then a tree jumped out of its socket and the knife almost flew out of my hand quite dangerously.
Still, it went well.

shaping has begun

after shaping the handle, sanding with sandpaper

Since I don't have a blacksmith's fire, I had to improvise.
I took a big and thick coal and put it in the wood stove in the house and started a fire.
it was my mistake because I broke the coal into small pieces, but it worked.

Since in order to raise the temperature, I had to somehow blow air into the fire, so I installed a fan under the ashtray of the firebox.

This is how it looks and it is quite warm in the house ,I had to add pieces of wood to get the coal burning.

it burns nicely

While the fire burns nicely

I stuck a rod under the fireplace so that it would glow

Maybe he needs a little more, but this shot looks nice
because my cell phone overcooked it

he was pretty hot and made this masterpiece

You need to adjust the coal a little to make the fire stronger

right at that moment while I was taking photos and taking out the hot rod, a moment of inattention occurred, somehow the rod got stuck between , bars and when she got free she somehow turned around and fell on my hand and sputtered.

and this

this is the entire length in the piece

While all this was happening, a hot tip passed over my tracksuit

and precisely cut, melted, opened the tracksuit but didn't burn me, so my intimate part also went well

When the fire was made, I put the rod from above in the firebox to let it heat up

let it glow, it takes time

That it takes time, especially when I'm doing everything improvised by heart like this

Here's a little more and lime hardening begins

Now is the time, I have to be quick because it's cold and there's oil

This is what it looks like when a red-hot iron gets into the oil, then it hardens

and it smokes quite a bit

I like the better of this oil of mine, it is beautiful

when the smoke calms down and the iron cools down and the oil heats up, that's it

Now I can drink a little Gin and my hand doesn't hurt or burn CHINN CHINN

this is what the hand looks like after 3 days

looks good precisely straight

and this is the finished product decorated sharp and in my opinion hard.

That's all for now, maybe the tempering should have been different and possibly raised the temperature a little more,as much as I could, I managed except for injuries and a precisely cut tracksuit for you to HIVE .
see the process of making and creating my work and tempering the metal.

That would be all with this work of mine.

Until the next adventure.


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