Missed School Due to Prolonged Lockdown


This is a photo of me at the end of February, in a school uniform, and taking pictures on the road when I get home from school, it was the last day I felt the atmosphere of the school, the last day of going to school, after which everything changed due to the corona virus outbreak.

Corona virus epidemic that is happening now has changed various aspects of life, not only economics, even education has become a victim of the corona virus outbreak.

I haven't been to school for more than four months because of the lockdown due to the corona virus outbreak, schools are closed to minimize the spread of the corona virus among students, four months is indeed a long time in history for standard school holidays, in 2020 we have a holiday all along, it really made me miss school, miss friends, and miss my class teacher.

Hope that is full to the heart, may the corona virus outbreak quickly pass, and all aspects of life go back to normal as in previous years, maybe this is also the hope of all Indonesian citizens, or even the hopes of all the world's population, who feel bad from this corona virus outbreak. And we can go back to school, study for future ideals.

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