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Hello Hive!

Today I want to share my experience on a centralized but interesting blogging platform inserted in the cryptocurrency landscape. I'm talking about Publish0x, which many will have heard of before. I wanted to take this opportunity considering that it was she who provided the second “concrete” remuneration of the Digitall Project.


Centralized Blogging Platform - No cost Use

Publish0x is, as we said, a blogging platform. As we obviously imagine, inside we will find a whole series of articles indexed by topic. The first peculiarity is that the topics covered concern the blockchain world.

But this is not the salient peculiarity. Publish0x contains a series of blogs by independent authors who must apply to the platform in order to obtain the possibility of becoming an author. Once approved, each author can open one or more blogs, different according to their needs or interests.


Ok, here we go. But what makes this blog so different?

The answer lies in the structure and fundamental peculiarity: on Publish0x both authors and readers are remunerated in a variable percentage for carrying out their activity, reading in one case, writing in the other. Let's see what happens in more detail.

I connect to the site, I register there as another platform, using an username, an e-mail and a password. Then I enter on my dashboard. Inside the profile pages, we find a serìes of possibilities, one of them presenting our candidature to become an author. It is sufficient to subscribe and send it to obtain the revision of the platform team.


And...if they accept me?

Seeing in this way: after being approved, we decide to start a blog. We write an article and publish it inside. We check that the article has been inserted: ok. And now? And now it's up to the reader.

The article will appear among those published. When a reader decides to stop, he can do a number of things: first, read it; subsequently, he will be able to leave feedback given by the classic thumbs, in this case, both thumbs up and thumbs down; last and most important, he will be able to vote for the article by deciding the percentage to donate to the author and the percentage to keep for himself. How?

At the bottom of the article, under the thumbs, there is a bar with a cursor. By clicking on the slider and holding it down, we can move it to the right or left: the more we move it to our left, the higher the reward percentage destined for us who read. Once we have chosen the amount we think is fairer, we have to click on the button on the side containing the word "tip".


Once this is done, the article page will be reloaded and space will appear at the top with the information you see in the figure. Inside it will be written how much was intended for you and how much to who wrote the article, and in which cryptocurrency/token the reward will be made.



What tokens?

Publish0x is based on a token and cryptocurrency reward system that has emerged in the blockchain landscape. However, it is not based on a single system, nor on a fixed system: at the end of an undetermined period, the tokens may be replaced. In the past, for example, the platform supported Loopring, Basic Attention Token, and - until a few days ago - Ethereum. When a token/cryptocurrency is no longer supported for rewards, the amount earned is usually converted to one of the other supported ones.

Precisely with the announced change following which Publish0x no longer accepted Ethereum, I decided to liquidate the sum earned towards the personal wallet that I destined for Digitall Project. This represents the second "concrete" crypto remuneration of my small project.


How to get the rewards you have earned?

The rewards earned can be claimed by going to your dashboard: just click or move the mouse on the name that distinguishes your profile at the top right. From there, click on the “dashboard” text that will appear in the drop-down menu.


On the screen that will appear, you will have to click on the words "Payments".


A new page will open with all the accumulated earnings, which you see in the figure. To make the transaction to a wallet, you will need to click on “Withdraw”.


You will then have to choose whether to make a transaction to a supported exchange or to your personal wallet. In my case, I chose the second option by clicking on “On-Chain Withdrawal”.


You must then confirm the transaction to the chosen address. In case you haven't chosen one yet, you have to click on the blue writing that says “Edit Address”. From there, you can enter a wallet address for the various tokens/cryptocurrencies.



The addresses must belong to compatible wallets and therefore capable of receiving that token/cryptocurrency. If you send to the wrong addresses or to incompatible wallets, you will lose the amount sent irretrievably. I repeat: be very careful.

If you already have a wallet, you can read and click - if you accept the terms described above - on the square at the bottom left that you see circled in the figure; at this point, click on “confirm withdrawal”.


Now, the request will reach the platform, whose managers will have to proceed with the approval. Once approved - in my case within a few days - the transaction will be carried out - with a wait of a few more days - and you can find it on the explorers of the chain in question.

In my case, having requested an Ether transaction, here is the appropriate space on the explorer, containing the details of the transaction (partly hidden due to the length).


And the amount I received available in my extension wallet Metamask.


You can find



I hope I gave you a good overview, and thank you for reading the article. If you would like to try Publish0x, I recommend that you sign up and start collecting a few small amounts in crypto by reading new articles every day.

To the next time from me and Universo Binario community!


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