Drawing. - A Happy Baby's Face - No. 1


Good Day Hivians,
It's been a lovely and friendly day for me today and I started the opposite version of my previous drawing series today. I started some days ago by drawing some series of sad and crying faces but today, I've started with a smiling face as you can see above. Today I picked so much interest in making out a valuable contrast in my drawing, I didn't stress the drawing that much, if it's light, I just leave the place blank, and if it's dark, I make sure I shade it dark enough!



I made a quick sketch of the face by using some proportional lines to keep the shapes and forms intact.


I started shading within the light and the mid-tones.


I continued with the mid-tones and also added some details on the nose, the lips (mouth) and the eyelids.


I played with some light strokes in making the hair without depth and details yet.


I added more details and depth into the hair.


I pitched out the contrast by blending the mid-tones into the darkest parts of the figure.


I added all needed and necessary details to the figure with some final touches, and it finally came out beautiful!

Kindly share your thoughts as comments below, I'll be glad to read them all. Thanks.

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