Drawing Tutorial : How to Draw Hair ?

Hi everyone!

Following my head and neck tutorial , I said that I wanted to do an entire article about hairs.

So here we are πŸ˜‰

Structure and volume

First, about the location of hairs, the hair implantation, it is about the top of the reference circle of the head side. (I explain all this in my precedent tutorial)

Sans titre-2.jpg

The look of this implantation differs a lot between people, so you can take some liberties with this.


Now, let's talk about volume.
Don't draw hair like a sheet. (like a shit either 🀣) Hair is a mass ; it gives a thickness to the top of the head.


Also, think about the dynamism. Hairs, like fur, take a direction, grouped by several.


For more realism, I suggest you so to draw hair in strands.


After tracing the mass of hairs, we will, little by little, draw each strand itself. Yes, drawing hairs take a lot of time if you want them realistic. But for me it's a very pleasant part to draw. When you take the hand, it's not difficult.

So, think first about curves : the deeper areas will be more shaded, and on the top of the strand curve we will find the light.
An other tip to suggest the light is to draw more lines in the shadow than in the light.


First, we will draw the strand, with some lines to suggest the direction and the volume. Then, we will put shadows and blur them. Finally we draw more lines to represent all of the hairs, taking care to respect the direction of the hair.

And how to draw curly hairs ?

The easiest method is to beginning our drawing by a flat strand, to have the correct direction and principal form. Then, we will draw the curve as if it were wrapped around the strand.
Then, putting up the lights and shadows as the same way as precedently.

Sans titre-5.jpg


I think I've covered it all. 😊
And don't forget, practice is the best. Observe people's hair, its particularities,...
Do you want to draw them savage, or like a kind little girl just styled by her mother? πŸ˜‰

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