Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all Sketch Time-lapse

We can always take advantage of a bad situation.
You want to step back of the wall and look at ur work, the shapes and percussions. You also want to look for the mood you wanted on your piece. If you were going for something cheerful and cute or if you wanted something odd or creepy-scary. If you detect anything that tou don' t like just go ahead and try to correct again and again if you have to, it s just a draft on a wall with some spray paint, it doesn t represent your worth as person or as an artist.
The thing you are looking for is legit! You have to walk away from the wall and first thing that pops to your mind to be Legit! You are not looking for perfect even if you are a perfectionist. You want perfect, you aim for perfect but you don' t want that idea to hold you back and discourage you from putting more time on your piece. The thought of trying being perfect can only act as burden if you don' t manage your thoughts right. You must aim perfect but you must understand that what you consider perfect it s only perfect for you, that doesn t make it perfect in general. Perfection is a huge ladder that keeps going up to infinity, your goal is to make it to the next step without looking back.

Happy Pikachu decorates the gate of my university. Trikala city

Rough sketches as always makes it ''perfect''



Skrr Skrr Pika Pika

First graffiti i ever did using spray cans i chose Pikachu from Pokemon. I wanted something simple and at the same time meaning so much for me.Of course it didn' t go as planned, but with no experience it came as no surprise.
Good company made up for it as always.


The time is money and the money is cans!