This was our experience with insects or bugs on the way to do the weekly shopping.


LINDSAY THE DOG'S EYE (it was sleeping in the middle of the road, so the girl wanted to take it home, she took it carefully to the grass, so someone wouldn't step on it.... And we had a lot of fun today. On the street we found many bugs, or insects to photograph and see their environment.


Trying to capture her mesmerizing smoky brown captivating eyes, with some pollen or dusty rubbish I don't know she didn't put up any resistance. To take pictures of it and then release it into the grass to go on its way as we did, the girl was a little more fearful, and nervous with some fear of being stung or something but then they became friends for a few moments.


Here I am learning a little about these butterflies, a world I know nothing about, but they are mostly beautiful in all their shapes and forms, I don't know why we are afraid of them. A harmless insect and much more when they fly towards our house many are terrified of them, so is my daughter but when she saw it still she told mummy it doesn't do anything to touch it and left it on her grass.


Butterflies can't see their wings. They can't see how beautiful they really are, but other people can. People are like that too. Seeing them at night and even more so when these species are fluorescent blue or green, they look like they are taken from another planet, it's amazing what nature or animals can do.


When we went to leave the butterfly we found these bugs. I don't know what they are called, but they were in the grass. The little girl said to me Mommy, Mommy. Look , look at these ugly little animals taking pictures and I hahaha ok as you want my love tells me they will bite me they will eat the butterfly and I daughter no, they must not attack her or anything and she OK mommy.


This was our experience with insects or bugs on the way to do the weekly shopping. We hope to have many more encounters with insects and to be able to motivate the princess of the house much more to the conservation of the environment. She is really unique with her ideas and is very amazed by the insects. Today she does not share much or live with them very often all this year. She learns many things and assimilates them very quickly.

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