Insects Of The World Contest - Dragonflies are very attractive in home gardens (08)

Here's my participating entry in the contest at Insects Of The World Contest hosted by @adalger

Yesterday I found a dragonfly standing on one of the logs in the garden of my house, at that time I was taking a break because I had no outside activities and at that time I was sitting on the terrace then at that time I saw a dragonfly who was standing on a log. Then at that time I immediately approached him to take some pictures of this dragonfly which is a species of this group of insects, and at that time I was holding my smartphone camera and using a macro lens on my camera very carefully I approached this dragonfly so I could take a picture of this dragonfly species, as you can see below.




And at that time I tried to look at the internet blog about the details about this dragonfly species, and at that time I found about this dragonfly species on Wikipedia as I quoted some of them on this blog :

A dragonfly is an insect belonging to the order Odonata, Adult dragonflies are characterized by large, multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong, transparent wings, sometimes with coloured patches, and an elongated body.Source Wikipedia



IMG_20210524_141021_307 .jpg

Dragonflies are agile fliers, while damselflies have a weaker, fluttery flight. Many dragonflies have brilliant iridescent or metallic colours produced by structural colouration, making them conspicuous in flight. An adult dragonfly's compound eyes have nearly 24,000 ommatidia each.Source Wikipedia

And at that moment this dragonfly does not fly when I approach it, it looks like this dragonfly likes my phone's camera lens and makes it easy for me to take some angles from this little dragonfly animal. and lucky me because I was able to take some pictures of this dragonfly because this dragonfly is a very active animal.



Dragonflies are predators, both in their aquatic larval stage, when they are known as nymphs or naiads, and as adults. In some species, the nymphal stage lasts for up to five years, and the adult stage may be as long as ten weeks, but most species have an adult lifespan in the order of five weeks or less, and some survive for only a few days.Source Wikipedia

This dragonfly is a very interesting and unique animal because this dragonfly is a super active animal, a few weeks ago I saw it in a forest but at that time I approached it but this dragonfly flew somewhere, and yesterday I managed to take a picture of this dragonfly. And if you are all interested in participating in the contest held by INSECTS OF THE WORLD COMMUNITY, click this link for information about this contest : Contest link

All these pictures were taken by myself, ©@rido5301 using the infinix hot 10 note smartphone camera located in North Aceh, Indonesia. And I used some articles on Wikipedia to gather some information on this dragonfly species.

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