Wasp nest in my home garage

Dear friends,

Today, I found a wasp nest on the beam of my home garage. Two weeks ago, I post about a wasp in my garden with some photos. I am not sure the ones I found here is the same as the one that I found two weeks ago but I this the ones I found now is smaller - only less than one inch. Please take a closer look below.


The wasp nest in my garage

They made a nest on the beam of the garage

The photos above and below are very similar in which one wasp went up to another one if you can notice.


And the following photos were cropped to get a closer look at them.



I noticed that there are many small wasps flying around in the garden besides the garage. Most of them were just buzzing around and I was unable to take their photos because they are flying fast. And when they rested, they just did just for a while. So, I had to wait to get one single shot. Below photo was taken when a wasp rested on a leaf.


I usually found wasp nests before in my house compound usually attached to a tree branch or among the leaves of a cluster of plants. Wasps do not usually make harm to us unless their nest is poked. So, we usually let them stay as it is. And their nests are moving around in my house compound.

The photos in my garage were taken with my camera with a zoom lens with a flash gun. First, I took them without it but there were a lot of noise in the photos. So I had to take my flash gun to shoot them again because I would like to present my post better. Thank you for viewing.

8th Nov 2021

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