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Returning to my post today, is a glimpse of bees with wasps, before that I hope you will understand if later in the discussion there are errors in the descriptions or words I have written, please forgive, because here I am not an expert in this matter,and I only discuss as much as I know.

The difference between wasps and bees:

I used to think that wasps and bees are the same type, but after I learned they were not the same, There are differences between these two types of insects, namely wasps and bees, although the behavior of the two types of insects at a glance is almost the same, namely that they both live in groups, and are equipped with a sting as a powerful tool for their self-defense.

There are many differences between these two types of insects, we can observe this from the way of life, the way of foraging for food, and one thing that we may have experienced is the error behavior of these insects when not disturbed.

Wasps are an aggressive type of insect when they feel disturbed, wasp stings are very dangerous for humans and some even cause casualties.



Wasps do not produce honey.

Although the way of life is the same as bees, namely in groups, another thing that may be the same is that they make nests for their homes, but the difference is that wasps cannot produce honey like bees do.

Wasps including carnivorous insects.

This is because wasps also prey on other types of insects to be used as food, the type of insects that most often become prey of wasps, one of which is dragonflies.
The distinctive physical form of wasps is the black body color and yellow color that surrounds it, but there are also other types and colors of wasps.











Another difference between bees is that bees are a type of insect that lives in groups in the hive as well, but bees can produce the honey they get from plants or from flower nectar.

In simple terms we can distinguish a bee from a wasp is from the physical form or body shape, the body shape of a bee is usually larger than a wasp, and the body shape of a wasp can be seen in the picture that looks slimmer, one more thing that is clearly visible on the body of a bee has more. hair on its body, in contrast to a wasp which only has a few hairs on its body and also looks smoother than a bee.

That's a glimpse and briefly the differences in types of insects between wasps and bees, thank you and see you in the next post.


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