A Green Spider --- Cosmophasis umbratica

Keep on hunting in the forest with a Macro lens

Greetings to all wildlife lovers

I go back to the countryside and hunt, and my hunting is not using a gun, but using a macro lens, this has been my daily task for the last few weeks

Sharing with other nature lovers who are here is a great satisfaction for me and all the insect lovers in this great community.

Some of the subjects that I got this afternoon really made me excited in typing as detailed a description as possible here and below are some pictures and my explanations about the animals I shot with a macro lens.

A few words of motivation from me: No matter how great we are, ! Without focusing on one target 🎯 there will be no success that we get !

A Green Spider --Cosmophasis umbratica



It is very clear that he is standing on a small tree trunk. I can also explain that this type of animal can be found in the bushes and the most of these types of green spiders we find in gardens.

This type of animal moves, we often see it jumping up and down, and I can also explain that this animal has no fur to fly.

Its physical features are small and the mainland body looks very soft and has fine hair on its legs, and the shape of the legs looks like crab legs 🦀

Regarding the outer skin color / back there are three glossy colors, namely black, green and white lines, I explain this according to the picture.



In addition to this wild animal I can also add that in terms of movement.

Its movement is very fast, it can reach 40-50 times the speed of humans. I prove this by looking directly at the movement when shooting.



I can also explain that there are very many other types of Spiders with various splits of their respective groups and by chance I came across this type of Spiders.

I am very interested in its color and this has its own uniqueness in my eyes.

May I also add that there are eight legs of this type of Spider and this I counted them on purpose,

I dare myself to catch it because there is no significant risk, for example, this type of animal is not wild, this is the reason I catch it.



As for the next explanation from me about the life of wild spiders, and as I explained a little above I can continue by making the nest.

According to my point of view, the nest or like a circular house that is made / like a loud is to be able to catch or get stuck in the tin as food for Spiders.

And that's a little addition concerning the life of Spiders of all kinds that exist.

And under this picture I will also try to continue the life story of forest spiders.



If we discuss Spiders it is indeed very interesting for a deep and detailed discussion about Spiders or often referred to as Latin Cosmophasis umbratica.

I will add more regarding the Spider's body, there are two parts of the body and the head only, but there are three other types of attacks, and this is a further explanation of the insect body.

With regard to food, this type of spider can be categorized as a cannibal, which is clear that the child must be eaten by the male parent.



I can also continue regarding the procedure for avoiding enemy attacks, as I have written above, the house / tinny made by the Spider can be used to protect itself from enemy attacks.

That is the explanation that I can describe on this occasion regarding this Spider.

But there are many more explanations about this Spider and under this picture I will try to continue the explanation.

And on this occasion I also ask for further information from all moderators in this large community, both additions and additional material regarding my image.



With regard to food that is very liked by Spiders are small insects such as mosquitoes and sometimes this type of animal is cannibal, as I have explained above.

I can also add that not all Spiders make loud noise as security for themselves,

And neither is it a web for catching its prey, this is separate, and regarding the others I will describe a group of Spiders that are specialized in making webs for their prey and their means of defense,

And the type of Spider I'm publishing is not making a web. This type of group of Spiders prey only on small insects.

Another name for this type of animal is / Scientific classification :
  • Cosmophasis umbratica
  • A lean green jumping machine is a member of the Jumping Spiders
  • Family (Salticidae)
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Arthropods
  • Class: Arachnida
  • Order: Araneae


1MacrophotographyA Green Spider --- Cosmophasis umbratica
2LocationIndonesia - Aceh, Aleu Nireeh , -- Florest
3Camera used0ppo g137f Miny
4Telescopic Lens33mmx94mm
5Telephoto lensMagnification 14x
8My PostInsects Of The World


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