Entry for the INSECTS OF THE WORLD COMMUNITY Contest. Insect World - Bees


The bee collects nectar and pollen on the Ivan-tea flower.
This flower is very beloved by bees.
Wonderful nature.


My garden and a bee on a flower called cornflower.
Bees also love this flower and often fly to it.
Apparently sweet at the flower netar?


Also, bees are very fond of the Dandelion flower on the streets.
It attracts bees with its bright color and aroma.
Here is such a summer beauty.


And yet the bees are very fond of the Peony flower in our garden.
Although this flower is loved by many insects too.
We also feel its aroma.


Chrysanthemums also attract bees (or is it a humming fly).
But bees also love this beautiful flower.
The beauty of the insect world.


Bees fly to the viburnum flower in whole groups for nectar.
Apparently, they love this flower as well?
Bees are amazing insects.


Even in the spring of May, bees already arrive on the peony bud.
Why so early? And the flower already at this time gives off -
That same sweet netar.


Cornflower is still very fond of bees and all summer fly to him.
Bees from early morning are already on flowers.
This is their daily work.


I don’t know, but the color doesn’t seem to affect the bees?
They fly to Cornflower in any color and light.
This is the main scent for bees.


And this bee chose the flower of Astra on a sunny day in summer.
Amazing beauty of nature and the secret world of insects.
You can watch the life of insects for a long time, especially bees.



The insect I have chosen for the competition is the Bee. Bees are wonderful creatures that bring great benefits to nature and humans. They are good pollinators of plants - trees, shrubs and flowers. Bees are distributed all over the world, and in Russia, they live in all regions. In the South Urals, the species is more common - the Bashkir bee. It is more resistant to frosty climates. In spring and summer, bees play a key role in pollination of plants. The typical and most common is the honey bee (Apis mellifera).

Bees fly from flower to flower in search of nectar and pollen. A bee manages to visit more than 1000 flowers per day, and each bee visits 10-12 flowers per minute. When a bee lands on a flower, it transfers pollen to another flower. To collect just 1 gram of honey for a bee, it has to fly over 1000 flowers. And to collect only 100 grams of honey, a bee must fly around 1 million flowers. This is the kind of work these insects have to do every day, from spring and summer to late fall. Interestingly, the bee has 5 eyes: 3 at the top and 2 in front. Therefore, the bees see everything well.

In summer, bees are so essential in the garden. It is interesting for bees to observe how they work, collecting nectar in their hive and spreading pollen to other flowers. In summer, bees collect a lot of nectar and pollen from flowers, which are included in their diet. Nectar is a fragrant sugar liquid secreted by the glands of flowering plants. Bees feed on nectar by sticking their proboscis into the middle of the flower. Pollen is also important for the life of bees. Bees eat pollen with nectar and collect honey in their hives (combs), which we all love.

Now, when many new technologies have appeared in photography, macro photography is one of the leading places for lovers of this creativity. It is also an opportunity to see big in small, like a reverse lens. Macro photography reveals to us a secret and wonderful world of nature, which we knew little about before. But not everyone may have photographic equipment that photographers would like to buy. Lenses and other camera accessories are very expensive, but there are always budget solutions.

Many people today take pictures with smartphones that already have good cameras. However, buying a quality camera with a good lens is the best way to unleash your creativity in macro photography. But you can try your hand at macro photography without spending a lot of money by buying yourself mini lenses for your smartphone. This is one of the best practical use cases for your phone. I have a simple approach to this problem, I bought an inexpensive camera for a long time, with which I do macro photography.

And what is the bottom line? For me, an insect like a bee is a symbol of hard work and activities that benefit the community. Just like the hive where they live. And we can take an example from the bees of how to work to be the same in life and business. This is a very good example for us of people from amazing nature, where bees live and, in general, we live. Observing the life of insects, we extract for ourselves a small particle of exactly what we, in fact, lack. The natural world is beautiful and fantastic, but harmony lives in it.

Insects Of The World - INSECT CONTEST - June 2021 - #01

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