Butterfly dance in a flower garden // Butterfly (Danaus chrysippus)

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Greetings to all members who join the Insects Of The World community, without greetings Healthy to admin @adalger, and I also don't forget to say happy greetings to all mods here @nicanor-mosquera @lourdeshd6 ,
I'm flattered by the situation here, and I tried to enter a contest in my entry themed "Butterfly dance in a flower garden"
Yaaa,,, I greet you all,, hope we are all in good health here, I accidentally visited a flower garden in my area yesterday, about 5 kilometers from my house.
I went on a trip with my beloved wife and children yesterday in the afternoon. There were so many types of insects that I saw in the garden, I'll just mention them, there are caterpillars, beetles, grasshoppers, and butterflies, all of which are obviously lovers of flower pollen.
I only did a few breeds and several types of wild insects there, but I took only one type to enter this second contest in this large community, namely with a very beautiful butterfly,
My shots , I will detail in this post , and the various sizes of pictures I take , I also realize that I am not very professional in this regard , but I always try to take the best pictures .
Earlier I entered the hive blog and I saw a notification post, that this insect community is making another contest in the second stage, and I am very interested and there is an insect object that I have got, it's just a matter of reviewing it,
The last few days I've always made posts about ornamental plants, but today I'm trying to make posts related to insects, namely butterflies,
Actually I really like all insects that are taken with a macro lens, especially with a very beautiful butterfly,
I may be among the many active members here who like butterflies,
My interest here is not only from the shape and color, but this type of insect is very interesting for me to discuss about breeding until he is an adult.


We know that people are very disgusted with caterpillars, but that person really likes butterflies, this is where I am very interested in discussing it regarding the breeding cycle of butterflies,
As we all know that the life of a butterfly is not too long, even in a scientific study it is stated that some are only one week old,
Of course it is very short, but what you need to know is that there are many types of butterfly species,
However, I only discuss one type, namely those related to butterflies, with the scientific language being "Danaus chrysippus", regarding this scientific name, I will make a special source under Scientific classificationedit later.


My discussion is about breeding and not as long as we don't like caterpillars, this is the basis of metamorphosis (in the language of biology at our lower secondary school),
I pause to think back to this metamorphosis, The first stage is the egg, the shape of the egg is very small and very vulnerable to breaking with wind disturbances,
Usually egg-shaped also varies, can be small, round, oval, usually in the leaves of plants.
Then continuing below this picture, I discuss at length and accurately for the sake of clarity of a species.


The next stage of this metamorphosis is the Larva, this is a little difficult for us to recognize in the plant leaves, because it almost blends with the plant leaves.
Larva is a process of hacking from eggs before becoming an adult butterfly, this is very clear discussion of this from me.At this stage there is also some molting and others before heading to the adult stage.
Don't miss the rest of the discussion on this subject, and I can make sure to provide enough detail.


Then the next stage I can also describe is After larvae and turns into a cocoon in this case it is often called transformation which takes several days.
The process is very interesting and certainly in the transformation into an adult butterfly, like the beautiful pictures that I attach.
One thing I forgot to mention above is that the larvae are small caterpillars before transpomation into adult butterflies.


From a cocoon and then turning into an adult butterfly after separation from the cocoon, this is a glimpse of the metamorphosis of the butterfly that we are discussing.
A very interesting discussion and then I will discuss the next stage, anything, just watch it until it's finished.


######As I mentioned above, that the life of the butterfly is very short, after going through metamorphosis,

Butterflies are adults and two start to roam around looking for food, for example pollen, however, she is also like other types of insects,
All animals / insects must be looking for the opposite sex, as well as butterflies to defend their species, he looks for the opposite sex, and the process of mating and metamorphosis is also repeated over and over again, until I can aim perfectly.



As I have explained that this type of species is very widely distributed, and almost all continents have butterflies,
This type of butterfly has a wingspan I estimate of 55-66 mm, while the color is very similar to the color of a tiger,
With brown spots and small black spots and this type of butterfly is often referred to as the tiger-colored butterfly.
The wings are brown, there are also white spots at the very top of this butterfly's wings.
While the belly is brownish and there are white and yellow spots, and the head is black and there are white spots, the color looks very beautiful,



I can also explain that this type of butterfly is not dangerous if we hold it, because there is also a type of butterfly that is very dangerous if we hold it.
Maybe on another occasion I will come of course, here is my post in the second entry in the community Insects Of The World













Scientific classificationedit

Species:D. chrysippus

Source Scientific classificationedit

I only took the source only regarding Scientific classificationedit Only, while other details are written, purely my own thoughts by matching with my picture

See you in a very interesting nature for us to explore next ...

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