DIY CRAFT: Making Water Flask With Carton And Paper

What's up bees!
It's been a while I shared my craft work so today I decided to do just that.
I made a water flask with a carton and paper.
I will show you my process and how I got that fixed ;)

Go down a little bit more to check out the process and don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you like my work, thank you :)


  • Carton
  • A4 Paper
  • Scissor
  • Top Gum
  • Pen

Steps And Processes

First I cut the carton peeled off the first layer, apply gum on both sides of the A4 paper, and stick the carton

I rolled the paper over to form a round

This is another shot of the previous process.

I measured the carton and peeled it off again, cut it, and gummed it to the open or joined part of the paper.

I left an opening at the top, I fixed in the A4 paper to the opening so that it won't stick together.

Finished process, different shot

I opened the flask and placed the cover on the table

I laid the flask on the body and captured it to see how it would come out.

It looks so much better laying on the table than standing straight right? 😁

And this is the last shot of that process.

And this is the shot of the finished process

I drew out a circle on the carton, to be used as the cover. I carved it out and peeled as well leaving it with the stroke layer.

And then I fixed the handle to the cover and placed it on the flask

A different shot of the previous process.

Here you can view the side handle of the flask.

Same side with a different shot.

A clearer view and a shot of the finished work.

I stood the flask straight but laying and captured this.

And there we have put the final shot for this work today.