Gypsy woman - ART - DIY - NFT

Gypsy woman - ART - DIY - NFT.

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Hi Hive!

Today I again share my work with you, because I really love to do it. This time I was not inspired by the landscape of nature, not by animals, but by another creation of God - people.

A couple of days ago, while walking around the city for shopping, I noticed something strange, I felt like shooting an Indian movie. On that day, I saw many interesting people whom I had not seen before in our tiny city. The first thing that caught my eye was their bright outfits and oriental appearance. Spring came and migratory birds flew to visit us. Apparently, a noisy gypsy camp visited our city. Most of all I like their independence from the opinions of others.


Firstly, if the gypsy decided to do something, then he will do it and he will not be stopped by the crooked looks or ridicule of other people. He needs and he does, and in this the Roma are very similar to the Moldovans (I am talking about my personal experience of life in the beautiful country of Moldova).

Secondly, this can be seen very well not only in their behavior, but also in their clothes. Trendy pastel colors are relaxing, "in step with fashion" - this is not about gypsies. Some might think that they have no taste or they don't know the trends. But I can tell you these people dress according to their hearts: impulsive temperament and correspondingly bright costumes.

As for how I drew this drawing, here are the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: First, I drew a sketch: the pose of a woman. I did this with a few strokes and circular geometric shapes.


Step 2: I used the acrylic (opaque) brush. Beginning with the head, arms and torso.


Step 3: Then I drew a skirt, scarf and hair. For the scarf, I opened a new layer and moved it to the back.


Step 4: Next I have already taken care of shades and small details. Finally, I painted the background again using a new layer.


The work is almost complete. The only thing is, I also tweaked the light balance and color contrast. Added a texture effect with a soft pastel brush.

The drawing is ready!

Thank you for your attention, look forward to my next work!

By @rikarivka.

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