Making native flutes from bamboo

I just realised I still haven't posted about me building my own native flutes. It started back in August last year. I wanted to buy a Native American style flute but I could not justify the price for one so I decided to learn to build one myself. So I found some pieces of bamboo on the side of the road and used them for the project.

The first one wasn't too bad at all. It didn't look that great but the sound was very decent.
Making a Native American style flute from bamboo

Making a Native American style flute from bamboo

Bamboo Native American style flute

As I got more experience, I started to experiment with different finish for the bamboo using fire to stain the outside skin, making wooden totem of various shapes, trying to make branch flutes etc...

Native American Flute bear totem

Branch flute

But in the end, I settled for bamboo as main material. It's easy to work with, despite the non-uniform internal diameter being sometimes a challenge. But the fact that I don't have to drill the bore makes my life easier and I really like the warm voice from a bamboo flute.

Nowadays, I like to sand off the outside skin of the bamboo to reveal its texture and I would give it a golden color by curing it with fire which also makes it more durable by evaporating the oil inside.

Native American Flute in Gm Pentatonic scale

Native American style flute finger holes

Simple Native American Flute totem

It's also a good opportunity to use my faithful sewing machine although the thickness of the fabric I use to make a protective bag is testing its limits.

Making a flute bag

Making a flute bag

But with perseverance, you can still achieve nice results.

Flute bag

Here are recordings of my own flutes:

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