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Hair they say is the beauty of every woman and that is why everyone woman needs to take a very good care of their hair regardless of how long it short it is.

Hair defines how beautiful and neat a lady is because when you don't take a very good care of hair it will look rough and unkept, it will tell people the kind of person you are.

As a lady I love taking care of my body especially my hair because I love it so much and I can spend as much as I can on my hair just to look elegant and adorable.

Here is the wig ordered by my customer yesterday and I just finish making it even though I don't have shop yet but am planning on getting one because I want my customers to have a comfortable place to make their hair.

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Material used are:
Dummy head
Wig cap
Niddle and thread
✂️ scissor
Big comb
Picking comb
Small Crochet pin

Steps on how to get it done:

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  • Firstly put you thread inside niddle as much as you want,

  • open the weavon from the pack and cut part of it because you will crochet it in front of the wig cap to make it looks like you make use of closure or fronter

  • Now oil it with cheebutter to calm the weavon for crocheting
    Then start to crochet it on that brown side of the wig cap

  • after that you can now start to sew your remaining weavon from the back, step by step and make sure you don't leave too much space.
    Also make sure it is not too full to avoid heat whenever you make use of your wig.

  • after sowing it all you can now rub your cheebutter all over the weavon to make it easy and smooth for combing

  • start from the front by making use of picking comb then to the back by making use of big comb

These are the steps you need to follow when making weavon wigs
It is as simple as that but it can take you 3 to 4 hour as simple as it sounds

As you can see in the picture how beautiful am wonderful it looks
Now my customers wig is ready to rock and roll

I love my work because it speaks alot about me

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