Terminator Tango


It is hard to imagine anyone of here present members haven’t see “The Terminator” movie. Today, it is a classic warning to the AI extermination Apokalypse. But that won’t happen in reality, right?

Well… “But that won’t happen in the near future, right?” Maybe. Better keep an eye on how far the development of future terminators has come…

Duration: 2:54

So, they have come a long way. And the danger exists, because all the advanced technology always is developed for the military purposes first. And now they will even sing and dance to you first before they ask for Sarah Connor. All thanks to Boston Dyn… OK, Hyunday in the future:

Duration: 7:27

Therefore, be careful if you hear metallic voice with a slight Korean accent asking for Sarah Connor in front of your doors. It may be wiser just to say: Sorry, we are not home!

Duration: 13:17

And then, take your ammo and all the weapons you have, and go to mountains… ’cause you know

They’ll be back!

* * *

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