DIY HOME DECOR 🔨 😊 How to make a underplate at home ?


What is a underplate ?

It means plate bottom in French. They are plate mats that are placed under the plates so that the dining table does not get dirty. The supla, which is used in a similar sense in our country, is known more as the american service among the people. Supla, one of the indispensable accessories of dinner parties, adds a stylish and modern atmosphere to the tables.

There are many methods we can do at home. I chose the simplest. And I have used it for years.

•First, a wicker rope is needed. His mistress must be great. You can make any color you want. Or you can paint with spray paint.

Next you need a solid board. Something hard enough to nail. It would be better if it was round. Or you can find the shape of wood you want to make.


•Drive the nails in a row with a finger gap between them.

•Then cross the rope together and create a pattern. I arranged it by making a star shape.

•If there is spray glue, spray it, or you can apply normal glue. To hold tight.


Leave it on overnight. And decorate the top with flowers and glue. or you can put it in something else. I had a pink jute rope and I did it with it.

And when my special guest comes, I put it under the plates. It has a very stylish look.


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