Needlework Monday - Dream Catcher Tree of Life

Today, for #needleworkmonday challenge, I’d like to share a beautiful art decor piece I made a while ago. It is a Tree of Life Dream Catcher.


First of all, I must mention that the piece is very large, measuring 28 inches wide by 32 long. So it’s not an usual dream catcher. 🙂 I had a lot of fun combining both themes: tree of life and dream catcher, and I really love the outcome.

Here are some details:


I used hundreds of wooden beads and fabric garlands of leaves that I bought at Hobby Lobby. Some leaves I made myself from leftover silk from other projects. I never waste materials, I reuse and repurpose.

This is the way I actually designed this piece: I started with a circle made out of relatively hard wire. I threaded beads straight on the wire to make the frame of the dream catcher. I started from the bottom, creating the roots, as you can see in the photo below. I threaded the beads on thick cords and finished some of them with crystal nuggets, for added weight, so they could hang nicely.


I worked the beads up, to the trunk, twisting the cords. I clipped the branches together with pieces of plastic ties, to stay in place.


I tied all my branches to the frame and covered all those ties with silk leaves. This part was the most difficult, because those leaves didn’t want to stay in place, so I had to stitch them one by one with with the good old needle and thread, glue didn’t do it!


The end result was spectacular. My last touches were on the branches, I had to separate them somehow, so they could stay in place. I came up with the idea to use some wire and it worked out perfectly, I made some sort of embroidery with wire... cool stuff!

Well... I hope you like my wall decor. I am happy to share my art pieces, because, as I always say: Art is Nothing unless is shared. 🥰

Lots of love and light from my house to yours!



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