Needlework using Scratch Papers and Scraps ___ A DIY Savings Bank out of Pringle's Empty Tube Canisters


Hello everyone! We just came from my little celebration on my 65th birthday last Friday and I was thinking on what to make for my needleworkmonday project. Then I glanced on what I was holding which was a tube of Pringle's Potato chips. Hmmm, why not?


I immediately got my 'collection' of Pringle's Empty Tube Canisters and other stuffs for decors.


I kept the linings of our adhesive wallpapers for my DIYs because they are good for paper mattings which is one of my favorite pastime. You only need to cut long strips and glue them. A double-edged tape would be great to attach both on the tube base and the strips in one setting.


Hmm that's better. Next, I looked for the other left overs from my daughter's wedding 2 yrs ago which was kept intact.



It would be best to sew both ends after pasting for a more durable effect. I will make the hole for the coins on the cap after putting a thick board on top.


I love the raw design. Do you like it guys? I still have other empty tubes available and I planned to have more lively childish effects. I am planning to give them as my Gifts for the little kids this coming Christmas as one of our outreach program. I've already gathered a bunch of clothes for the moms and girls' clothing as well.

Thank you and God bless us all!


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