My Needlework Monday: Cross-stitching For The Holiday Season __ by @needleworkmonday



Happy Monday everyone! The Holiday Season is here! Anything special? Well, despite the global pandemic, Christmas is still on the air! Let not our spirits be weakened by it, but rather fight for the better!

The photo above is my unfinished cross-stitch which I am sharing for you to do. It's very simple my dear needleworkers but the message is there, clear and simple which says: Merry Christmas!


Here's the cross-stitch pattern, just in case you wanted it done yourself.


Materials needed:

• Basket weave cloth
• Red and green Thread
• Cross-stitch needle
• Christmas Ribbon (cloth)


I took advantage of the basket weave design. It was a good design where you can insert the ribbons.

That's the finished cross-stitch. You can double the squares of stitching if you want a wider and larger images.


  1. Wall pocket Holder
  2. Throw pillow Patches


I used a rectangular red center piece where I can turn the patch into a wall pocket.


It will also be a good patch for my Christmas Throw pillows.

It's a good Christmas decor guys so I hope this helps in your aim to make your Holiday Season a memorable one!

My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful women behind his awesome community! We have reached another year together and that am very thankful of.

Keep safe everyone!

Till then,